If you want to sell your products in WarriorPlus, we got your back! Teaching Matrix now integrates well with WarriorPlus. Your customers will get instant access to your group, course, or downloadable products after purchase. Simply follow this simple guide.

Before you can create a package, you'll need to Integrate WarriorPlus to Teaching Matrix

1. In Teaching Matrix, navigate to "Integrations > Payment Processors".

2. Click the "PAYMENT PROCESSOR +" button.

3. An "Add payment processor" form will show up.

4. Select "WarriorPlus" in the dropdown.

5. To get the Secret Key, login to your WarriorPlus account and navigate to "My Account > Security Key".

6. If you don't have one yet, click the "Create One Now" button.

7. Copy the Secret Key.

8. Go back to your Teaching Matrix account and paste the Secret Key in the given field. Hit "Add Processor" button to save.

You're done! You just successfully integrated WarriorPlus to your Teaching Matrix. You should see the generated webhook URL for WarriorPlus. Take note of this as you will need this later.

The next step is to create a package and then add the webhook URL to your WarriorPlus product settings. Here's how you would do it.

1. Navigate to "Packages" found in the left side navigation.

2. Create a package by clicking the "PACKAGE +" button.

3. A "Create a Package" form will pop up. Add a name and choose which product you'd like to sell, then choose "WarriorPlus" from the dropdown.

4. Hit save by clicking the "ADD PACKAGE" button.

5. Login to your WarriorPlus account and create or edit the product you'd want to integrate. In the product settings, navigate to "Custom Integration (advanced)"

6. Switch it on and in the "Notification URL", paste the webhook URL for WarriorPlus.

7. Don't forget to hit the "Save" button and you're done!

Your customers will now get instant access to your Teaching Matrix product right after they purchased it from your WarriorPlus.