If you're planning to use JVZoo to sell your products, then you're going to love us for this. Teaching Matrix now supports JVZoo! 

All you have to do is link your JVZoo account, add the JVZIPN URL to your JVZoo product, and that's it! Your customers will receive login credentials and get instant access to your group, course, or downloadable.

Here's the complete guide on how you would do it.

Integrate the JVZoo account to your Teaching Matrix account.

1. In your Teaching Matrix account, navigate to Integrations > Payment Processors.

2. Add your JVZoo account by clicking the "PAYMENT PROCESSOR +" button.

3. An "Add payment processor" form will open. Choose "JVZoo" option.

4. To get the SECRET WORD, login to your JVZoo account and navigate to My Account > Vendor Information and look for JVZIPN Secret Key.

5. Copy the code and paste it in the SECRET WORD field in the "Add payment processor" form of your Teaching Matrix account.

6. Save by clicking the ADD PROCESSOR button.

Now, everything is ready. Teaching Matrix and JVZoo are now connected with each other. You should see the newly generated JVZIPN URL. Take note of this because you will need this in your JVZoo product settings later.

Create a package in Teaching Matrix

1. Navigate to Packages by clicking the "Packages" on the left menu.

2. Create a new package by clicking the PACKAGE + button. 

3. A "Create a Package" form will open.

4. Fill out the form, choose the group, course, or downloadable you'd like to sell then select JVZoo. Choose the JVZoo account integrated to your Teaching Matrix account and then provide the JVZoo product ID.

5. You can find the JVZoo Product ID in the Seller's Dashboard. Find your product in the list and look for the product ID.

6. Copy the ID and paste it in the form.

7. Click "ADD PACKAGE" button.

The last step is to add the JVZIPN URL to JVZoo product settings

1. Navigate to Seller's Dashboard and edit the JVZoo product.

2. Proceed to the "Advanced Settings" and paste the JVZIPN URL.

3. Click "Save My Product" button.

Once you completed the procedure above, all your customers will get instant access to your Teaching Matrix product upon purchase. Our system will automatically create an account for them and send login credentials to their respective emails.