What you'll need:

  • ThriveCart account
  • Teaching Matrix account


  1. Get your ThriveCart Secret Word
  2. Integrate ThriveCart to Teaching Matrix
  3. Add Webhook URL to ThriveCart
  4. Create a ThriveCart Package in Teaching Matrix

ThriveCart is one of the easiest and one of the most powerful cart platforms out there. You can easily create cart pages and one-click upsell funnels. You can also add bump offers during checkout or embed your cart anywhere to capture more sales.

Some notable features of ThriveCart

What we really like about ThriveCart is that they works well with some of our favorite software with over 40+ integrations like ActiveCampaign, Thrive Architect, Slack, and Zapier.

Now, if you're already using Thrivecart, you can use it to sell your groups, courses, or downloadables. Your customers will get instant access to your products upon purchase.

Now, here's how you would do it...

Get your ThriveCart Secret Word

Login to your ThriveCart account and from your dashboard, go to Settings > API & webhooks > ThriveCart API. What you'll need here is the Secret word. 

Integrate ThriveCart to Teaching Matrix

Now, go to your Teaching Matrix account and in the Integrations > Payment Processors, add a payment processor and select ThriveCart.

Name your payment processor then copy the Secret Word from your ThriveCart account and then paste it in the given field.

Don't forget to hit the save button.

Congratulations! You just successfully added your ThriveCart account to Teaching Matrix! You should now have a webhook URL which you can use for your ThriveCart. You'll need to add this to your ThriveCart account.

Add Webhook URL to ThriveCart

The next step is to add the Webhook URL back to your ThriveCart account under Settings > API & Webhooks > Webhooks & notifications.

Just click the Add webhook button, name your webhook, paste the Webhook URL.

Then click "save this webhook."

Now, everything is ready. Teaching Matrix and ThriveCart are now connected with each other.

Create a ThriveCart Package

To sell your product using ThriveCart, all you have to do is create a package.

Under Packages, create a new package by clicking the add new button. Fill out the form, choose the group, course, or downloadable you'd like to sell then select ThriveCart. Choose the ThriveCart account integrated to your Teaching Matrix account and then provide the ThriveCart product ID.

The ThriveCart product ID is the number found in the URL when you're editing a product in ThriveCart.

Let's say the URL is https://thrivecart.com/auth/#/products/131

The number 131 is the ThriveCart Product ID. 

Prior to creating a ThriveCart package though, you'll want to create a ThriveCart product first since you'll need the product ID.

That's it! If you're having trouble or if you're stuck somewhere, just shoot us a support ticket. You can also reach us on Facebook and Twitter.