If you want to create a private area for your customers where you'd like to share your knowledge of a certain topic, give access to a bundle of courses or deliver an exclusive content or trainings, then you need a membership site.

In Teaching Matrix, we called our memberships as Groups because why not, right? Here's how to create a Group.

1. Click the Groups icon inside your dashboard.

2. Hover and click the CREATE GROUP button.

A popup window will appear once you click this button.

3. Specify the name of your group and description.

4. Once done, click the CREATE GROUP button.

The page will redirect you to our CONTENT BUILDER momentarily where you can manage your membership, add video lessons and contents, add members, and update membership settings like branding.

You can also give the member access to your courses and downloadables as bundled products to your group or membership.

How to Content to your Group

To start adding content, click the CHAPTER + button. A chapter is your category. You can add lessons, quizzes, and surveys under it.

To add a lesson, just click the + icon. A popup window will appear where you can choose what content you'd like to add. For now, click the Lesson button.

Fill out the pop-up form, add your title, description, and insert a video lesson. As of this writing, we only got 3 options for you:

  1. Vimeo or Youtube videos
  2. MP4 videos
  3. Embed or iFrames

In the near future, we'll be adding more options. We will also add a free hosting bundled to your account where you can store all of your videos and other content.